The Project

This is my old MX-5! It’s a 1993 Mk1 and is pretty much stock.

It’s been stored, garaged where you see it, for about 8 years. The time has come to get it back on the road. I used to do much of the work on it myself, and it’s been a while since I’ve played with cars, so why not.

Being picked up to be trailered to its new home:

Bit of a tight fit getting out…

And…. rescued! The roof is a bit cracked around the edges and so isn’t watertight, so I’ve picked up a lightweight cover for it to keep the worst of it out. I’ve also put one of those calcium chloride damp-absorbing things inside to stop moisture accumulating.

A quick look over suggests it’s not done too badly in hibernation – I think the porous concrete floor of the garage was damp so there’s a fair bit of surface rust in the engine bay and on the running gear, but the wheels weren’t badly seized, the brakes and clutch seem okay, and the interior is fine. There’s some pre-existing body rust too, but it doesn’t seem any worse than I remember it and I’ve not found anything structural.

At this point after so long in hibernation it’s a non-runner. The battery is obviously toast, there’s an unknown amount of fuel in the tank that’ll need to be disposed of, and while the tyres still hold air fairly well, aside from being old, they’re also mismatched and well worn.