Have just completed replacing the front disc and pads on the driver’s side. New EBC Green Stuff pads, generic disc, pushed through new fluid, de-rusted and a quick coat of satin black while I was there.

First time doing brakes and there had to be a hailstorm…


Power Steering take 2

In the last post I talked about the need to replace a perished power steering hose. Well today I got the job done. Well, tried to.

Ta da, new pipe fitted.

Then I put some ATF fluid in – Dexron II or M-III or equivalent – started ‘er up, and moved the steering wheel between opposite locks a few times. The power steering was clearly working, but I nipped around the front and oil was getting thrown around the engine bay. Quickly turned it off and identified the source as one of the unions I’d just installed the new rubber hose on. It’s the right hand end of this metal pipe.

To be fair it did look a bit dodgy- with some rust under where the clamp sits- but I thought I’d try it anyway.

Looks like I’m going to be replacing the whole of that pipe run. It’s pretty badly corroded anyway- the fasteners might be fun to get undone without shearing off- but I’ll start soaking them with penetrating oil and start looking for the part.

More soon…