New Battery

One of the first jobs was to put a new battery in. Maybe in a sign of things to come, fitting it wasn’t as straightforward as it should have been!

On pulling out the old battery I found a bit of surface rust under and around the battery tray. Some Kurust to stop the rust spreading, a rub down, some primer, silver then lacquer, then a few days to cure before refitting the battery tray.

The new battery wasn’t an exact fit for the tray, despite coming from, which is a bit annoying. For now I have made some simple spacers to stop it from moving around. On top of that, part of the clamp was missing so I had to order a new part in.

While I was there I fitted a battery disconnect switch, which prevents the battery from discharging from things like the immobiliser while it’s sitting. Even this wasn’t straightforward, with the clamp on that being marginally too large to clamp securely- I ended up padding that out slightly with some copper braid.

Nice to see the electrics alive though 😎